System's Ego - A Story Of Suffering

What would you do, if you are put in a sealed room and left with the food that's extremely allergic to you? You have no escape, you've no choice other than eating the food before you or to die of hunger. The Glorious Past Albert Einstein once said, "The distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion". For most of the current systemic problems, there would be an explanation in the deep rooted past. Some issues become more important than the others. Any issue could be influenced or brought forward by media and politics. The argument that, the government in power promised us the eradication of corruption in three months before elections or a political party promised us to solve an issue that's been clinging since three decades is neither possible nor plausible. The media on one side gets the opportunity to question the government about their past promises and it also comes with an edge of superiority or ego to write endless art

Creator's Ego - Passion, Acceptance, Praise And Money.

  Is free will really free? Is originality really original?  Ask this question to yourself once in a while, just to see how much you've understood the world so far. Anything that's created by you has a value. You may think that it doesn't, but it has! Because why would you create it in the first place if it didn't mean anything to you? Selflessness - The Moral Good Let me talk about this early on. If you are a creator, at your early stages, you create content for passion, as a medium of learning, or to record your work (The new age rule of productivity and sharing is caring). At this stage, probably you are not concerned about monetary benefits, in case if you are concerned, you shouldn't! This is because you start out with passion and most probably you don't know the business. The second motivation would be, a sense of conscious/sub conscious pride that you are helping the community. It's true, in a sense you are. Maybe you are beginner, and you want to hel